Reagents and devices for hemostasis testing and blood rheology study

Dear friends!

Welcome to the website of Medio Lab. We specialize in distribution of reagents and devices for hemostasis testing and blood rheology study for diagnostic laboratories. Our experience in this field is long and successful. Medio Lab was established in 90s with idea and development of the first russian coagulometers EMCO series, that further evolved in release of the modern coagulometers, APG2-02 and APG4-02 series. We've also participated in development and production of coagulometer in collaboration with «Astra» (Ufa), and the eight-channel coagulometer in collaboration with VASMA (Moscow). We developed and produced reagents for hemostasis testing (Mediplastin, Medi APTT etc.).

We understand that test of hemostasis is one of the highly demanded tests and is not always performed according to the modern lab requirements. This is caused by difficulty of hemostatic system diagnostics itself and due to the unavailability of high-quality and low-priced reagents and devices. That's why in recent years we have focused on finding opportunities to provide laboratories with affordable high-quality reagents and equipment for tests of hemostasis and studying of hemostatic blood rheology. We managed to solve this problem in partnership with the highly qualified companies in Canada, India, Germany and Sweden.

Now we can offer you reagents for hemostasis testing, prothrombin time testing (MediPT), activated partial thromboplastin time testing (MediAPTT), thrombin time testing (MediTrombin), fibrinogen testing (MediFibrinogen) and three levels of control plasma. All these reagents are manufactured for us under GMP conditions on the factory in Canada, and our brand names are registered in FDA system (US). Behnk Electronic (Germany) is one of our long-term partner in equipment supply for hemostasis testing. Their automatic and semi-automatic coagulometers are accepted worldwide. Medio Lab can offer you the high-quality devices for blood rheology study, the aggregation and erythrocytes deformability analyzers. We aim to provide you the affordable reagents and devices. And we are always expanding our offerings for you.

Medio Lab team looks forward to continue cooperation with our long-term partners and to meet new colleagues.


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A.B. Kosyrev
Associate professor
TPO «Medio Lab» Ltd President

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